• very lightweight, efficient V-shape (that's why we call them V-Best!)
• excellent holding power
• super strong and tough - even the thinnest and lightest ones are really hard to bend accidentally when hitting hidden rocks
• made out of DAC's TH72M alloy which matches the performance of the absolute strongest aerospace aluminum alloys in the world today (7055 and 7068). It's 20% stronger than 7075-T6, more than twice as strong as 6061-T6, and more than three times stronger than 6063-T6 (the most common stake material)
• available in three sizes - bring a selection for optimal performance in different soils
• The strike head is extremely resistant to being bent over or broken by pounding
• hole for attaching cord (if that's something you like - we find it better without)
• the biggest stake makes a great mini-crowbar for prying rocks out of poop-holes


#DAC V-Peg

52" X .33" X 6.4" (13.3 x 8.5 x 162mm)

.46 oz (13.0g)