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Father and son

I was born in Lopburi but grew up in Sampran, Nakornpathom. My father was Scout's teacher and I had always followed him to countryside for camping trips since I was young. He taught me to put up a tent, build a fire and explore nature. My bond with nature has started from outdoor adventures with my dad since my childhood.

Life of an architect

Throughout my childhood my love was drawing and designing. Therefore, I decided to study architecture at university. Then I pursued my career as an architect working for a company. My keen interest outside of work is traveling. Traveling the world allows me to both learn and grow.

Born on the trail

At the end of 2014, a friend of mine invited me to go on a hiking trip to "Sun Nhok Wua ", the mountain in Kanchanaburi at 1767 metres above sea level. My first hiking experience was not easy and was very exhausting; carrying heavy backpacks and climbing hills but still I learnt from nature. Being close to nature taught me the simplicity of life and now I feel the importance of preserving nature forever.


Tropical rainforest

My inspiration comes from traveling and seeing how beautiful nature is. Hence, I have designed products that can bring people close to nature. My creative idea is to inspire and embrace our customers to love and protect nature; because nature is where life begins.

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